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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for checking out AbJo Art! 

Have questions you didn't find the answers to? Let's connect at abbey@abbeyjohavens.com or 806 336 7629


How can I order?

Place your order on this website or email abbey@abbeyjohavens.com with special requests.  Orders may also be made by phone 806 336 7629 

How will I receive my AbJo Art? 

Orders made in the Amarillo area can be delivered by hand. Orders made outside of the Amarillo area can be mailed directly to your home.

What will my AbJo Art look like? 

Most orders are posters in sizes 11x14 or 16x20, although any poster size may be ordered. You will receive custom artwork printed on high quality poster paper that you may frame yourself.  If you live in the Amarillo Area, frames can be included for an additional cost. 

How can I customize a portrait of my pet?

To order a pet portrait, email abbey@abbeyjohavens.com with a photo of your pet that you would like the art to be based off of, and detail what size poster you would like printed.  Please allow a few weeks for art to be created and printed.  

Can you paint me a canvas?

Yes! You can order prints on canvases, or they can be painted with acrylic custom to the design you want.  Email abbey@abbeyjohavens.com or call 806 336 7629.  I can paint or design anything you're thinking. Let's get in touch and figure it out!  

Can you paint wall murals? 

Yes! Given there are so many factors to wall design, estimates for murals will be done in person- but nurseries, classrooms, kid rooms and commercial spaces are all fair game. I would love to design a room for you!